The Drip Drip Method: Wheels of Life S1/EP6

2014_10_20 Brian  RagsdalePaintings-0014Previously on Episode 5:  Tim got jumped by the group for attacking Bird’s son, Peter. The group let him go free, ReeRee shot him just to let him know she was not playing. They gave Tim $50 and they kept $150 as their endowment fund.

ReeRee slowly counted the money as the others watched, 148, 149, 150.  The women stared at the money for a long time, this was the most they had ever seen in their entire lives.

“Everyone swears right here and now that no one, no one ever tells anyone about this money.” ReeRee said, as she pulled the money back into tin can moving past her loaded pistol that was in the pathway.

“I agree.” Velvet and Lauren said at the same time, as Velvet rolled her eyes at Lauren.

“I promise to never tell” Cedric’s mom added. Sarah followed with her affirmative.

I ran into the room, bursting into it actually, to let my mother and them know that Ms. Sethaline and her mother Ms. Wilson were headed toward the group. The women listened as the squeak, squeak sound of the wheelchairs wheel slowly made its way toward the group.

“Thank you baby” My mother, Bird said, “And now you run along, go out the window over there”.

“Ok Ma.” I said, trying not to wince in pain from my aching leg that remained after Tim’s beating.

“Help me lift her out of the wheel chair.’ Sethaline said as the young, tall handsome man lifted the frail old woman across the shack’s threshold.

“Morning Ms. Sethaline. Mrs. Wilson.” Sarah quietly said as she put her knitting back into her bag.  Lauren grabbed her mouth getting the last small bites of apple pie down, and then swallowing them, “Morning”

“Bring my chair in here too…What is your name again?” Ms. Wilson said as she smiled a toothless smile at the handsome new overseer, Tom.

“Here you go” Tom offered as he pulled the old wheelchair into the room.  Lauren glanced at his strong arms as he lifted her and placed the old woman gently back into her chair.  Velvet caught her lusting after the handsome man.

“So what do we have the pleasure of this morning.” ReeRee smiled looking at both of the women with a hint of sarcasm.

“Mama, wanted to stop by …and I guess to say hello.”

The women stood still looking at each other with a puzzled look. Sarah looked at ReeRee, ReeRee looked at  Velvet and so forth, heads twisting and slowly glancing around the room.  The silence was awkward and heavy.

“Bring me a spit bucket,” Ms. Wilson commanded ReeRee.  ReeRee went to get the bucket. “You can go now Tom…and try to stay out of trouble.”

“Yes maam. Good day ladies.”

“…So Tim suddenly leaves a good job and none of yall know anything about it”. Ms. Wilson asked the group, spitting a glob a brown spit into the bucket.

“No Maam.”

“I don’t know anything” Cedric’s mom said.

“Mo Maam” Lauren said.

Interesting is all I have to say.  What do yall meet and talk about anyway.  I may be old but I am not stupid. In my experience, which as you can see is a lot I don’t think it is a good idea for slaves to congregate.  I never thought that  was a good idea, but you know how Sethaline likes to try …um…experimental things…She would be better off knowing what her so called husband is doing on those long business trips.  Who the fuck are you?  Ms. Wilson said interrupting her mindless diatribe looking at Lauren.

“Mama that is the enjun winch I told you he bought a couple of months ago.” Sethaline said..

“Oh I see.”  How is she doing ReeRee?

“She is coming along, maam.” ReeRee answered still trying to figure out the true meaning of the visit.

Ms. Wilson spits again. “Well that is all I have to say to yall.”

“Oh and before I go, I know you don’t know this but you are my daughter, she says looking right at ReeRee….”so that makes you and Sethaline sisters.”

Sethaline faints and ReeRee holds her mouth in shock. The rest of the group gasp but rush to pick Sethaline off of the floor.

Post Date: December 3, 2014

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