See With Your Eyes But Listen With Your Heart

I watched her tears roll down her face as she described how unattractive she felt because of her skin color.  Her pain was deep. Oprah and Iyanla recently presented a “LIFECLASS” on the OWN network that explored colorism.  Colorism is a psycho-social effect of living in societies where skin color become associated with subjective factors….

The Art of Letting Go: Part Three

The Art of Letting Go: Part Three- All pain is not the same There are different levels of pain experienced by people. Although pain should never be compared to each other in a way that suggests that one pain is less or worse than another, the reality is that all pain is not the same….

The Art of Letting Go: Part Two

The Art of Letting Go, Part Two- Sometimes the personal is not political at all Most of what people struggling with in terms of letting go are painful childhood memories; physical abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, and the physical feeling and the fear that comes with having no food in the cabinets. Painful experiences and memories…

The Art of Letting Go

The Art of Letting Go:  Part One- Sometimes it is best not to let go. I struggle with the concept of how we talk about letting go.  This is probably because I have had some new insights when thinking about my past, and I am probably watching too many Super Soul Sundays or Iyanla’s Fix…