On Corrosion

This seems to me like the season of corrosion. Where all we know and what we thought we wanted to know, seeps next to us, first as light and then as this entity that we discover as¬†corrosive. Corrosive elements are dangerous things, they burn, they twist, they smoke, and then at times, burst into flames….

All That You Know

What you feel inside is knowledge. Your body knows. Your heart knows. Your mind knows. Let all that you know become part of your faith.  

Why The Term Implicit Bias Rubs Me The Wrong Way

Implicit bias, while it may be measured as a latent psychological construct –whose overall goal is to document the intersubjective experience of non or subconscious racism, we must be extremely careful when we continue to say “implicit bias” . From my view, the use of the term implicit bias, a post racial and post modern…

Silencing Tactics and You

Originally posted on The Bias:
Introduction Header image: “Silence” by Henry Burrows. CC BY-SAThere are few things in life more fraught than talking about what makes us who we are in public–and even more so if those things are also sources of oppression or marginalization. Something that often compounds that vulnerability are tactics designed to…

There Has To Be A Better Way

¬†I know that racism, police brutality, and white supremacy is historical, and yet each new killing seems to be more heinous, inexplicable, and horrific than the one before. To think that we have to produce our own cell phone recordings, as we are being killed, in order to be believed is unfathomable. I refuse to…