Blackness as Sunrise, Slurps, and Love.

I write about my blackness as a meditative practice.  A means of survival and celebration. To bring the foundational elements of myself, up and out, like water from a lawn sprinkler.  A blackness that disappears if you try to possess it, one that sits on your window sill like a quizzical sparrow.  A blackness that…

Loving Blackness, Holding Global Space

“We begin by holding space for us to heal from the trauma and terror caused by these systems. We begin by holding space for the imagination to conjure up a different world, where we can invest in preventative measures …”

The Pain of Colorism

“Because of the proliferation of capitalism, and a capitalistic system that requires assigning people to jobs based on skin color, this phenomenon had a ripple effect across many societies.”

On Corrosion

This seems to me like the season of corrosion. Where all we know and what we thought we wanted to know, seeps next to us, first as light and then as this entity that we discover as corrosive. Corrosive elements are dangerous things, they burn, they twist, they smoke, and then at times, burst into flames….

There Has To Be A Better Way

 I know that racism, police brutality, and white supremacy is historical, and yet each new killing seems to be more heinous, inexplicable, and horrific than the one before. To think that we have to produce our own cell phone recordings, as we are being killed, in order to be believed is unfathomable. I refuse to…

I May Die Dreaming Of Black Freedom

I realize on a deep and cosmic level that I may die dreaming of Black freedom. That will not be fine but I accept all that is, a world that is not safe but can be joyous, the racism, the struggle, and witnessing how so many Whites have remained stuck in honoring White supremacy. Those of…

Healing Spaces: Building Government Sponsored Meditation Centers

All I feel is sadness, a sadness so deep and searing that even the words of Dr. King now seem shallow and very distant. My heart goes out to the families of Sterlings and Castillo, as well as the families of the Dallas Police.  All tragic, and painful, and confusing, and sad. Our differences, whether…

Reject Violence As A Way Of Being Human

If we do nothing else today, pray for loving peace.   Pray that our hearts will open wider and support girls and women in our lives with deep gratitude and purpose.   Pray that our hearts will continue to beat, and with every beat claim the knowledge that comes with a beating heart. To know,…

Your Soul Is Plentiful

Our soul is a magnificent force connected to the universe and it replenishes.  Now, don’t get me wrong the soul has a spirit that can get really tired but that is not the soul.  The soul is that loving presence, some refer to it as a higher power, and others call it divine and holy,…

You Black, sing like you mean it.

The stream of all of it was there. Flowing like a stream or perhaps the tears of my inner goddess, forbidden, cryptic, yet flowing with healing energy. I ran naked through the woods. Was I free? Were there dogs barking? Was the crackling underneath my feet my own. Or were they slave catchers?  Slave catchers….