Loving Blackness, Holding Global Space

“We begin by holding space for us to heal from the trauma and terror caused by these systems. We begin by holding space for the imagination to conjure up a different world, where we can invest in preventative measures …”

The Pain of Colorism

“Because of the proliferation of capitalism, and a capitalistic system that requires assigning people to jobs based on skin color, this phenomenon had a ripple effect across many societies.”

Why The Term Implicit Bias Rubs Me The Wrong Way

Implicit bias, while it may be measured as a latent psychological construct –whose overall goal is to document the intersubjective experience of non or subconscious racism, we must be extremely careful when we continue to say “implicit bias” . From my view, the use of the term implicit bias, a post racial and post modern…

Feeling All Kind of Ways This Morning

I know how cold and warm it is, because I feel it.  I know the chill of white supremacy, and the warmth of compassion from those who treasure multicultural people. To live within, without.  To watch, remember, and to know the spirit of colonization and to question if living in a colony is all I will…

Hunger and Tears

” I cry for all of the ways that we have tried to voice are pain, through words, through dance, through hymns, through protests, through silence, through carrying signs, through law suits, through chants, through the sweat of our bodies.”

Farts, Racist Funk, and Frat Boys

Here is the thing–I am really getting tired of being thrown into the centrifugal like ride, media circus about race relations and racism in this country….I don’t think it is news when the manager and the police chief in Ferguson resign…this is a time warp thing that I knew would eventually happen. It had too-…

Decriminalization of Black Little League Players

This act of taking the little league title away from the all-Black team criminalizes and punishes the behavior of black children…which mimics and draws upon the larger racist narrative in our country about applying rules of law embedded in beliefs about Black moral character.  And here from the press release ruling from the little league…

To Thee I Will Sing: No Justice, No Peace. (2 of 4 postings)

November 29, 2014 – December 22, 2014.  (These are the start dates and finish dates for each essay in the “To Thee I Will Sing” essay series). Round two.  Examining “national and historic narratives of race.” In 1998, President Clinton developed a wide sweeping initiative to examine race related health disparities.   I am one of…

Being an ally is understanding and validating the worldview of that group

I am pleased to have the permission of my dear friend, Tara Edwards to post this wonderful essay.  Tara is the first of many (I hope) guest writer/blogger on the Pancake Diaries. As you know we are engaged in lots of peaceful protests and conversations about racism, oppression, power, and police brutality in our country….