Wanting Crystal

…It, this thing, had so much promise such newness. It tasted like wind, like cool water, I felt it land on me like sun rays.

Everybody. Deserves. Housing.

…There should be a range of housing choices for people based on room number, neighborhood, pet eligibility, and proximity to public transit, work, schools, and daycares.

Blackness as Sunrise, Slurps, and Love.

I write about my blackness as a meditative practice.  A means of survival and celebration. To bring the foundational elements of myself, up and out, like water from a lawn sprinkler.  A blackness that disappears if you try to possess it, one that sits on your window sill like a quizzical sparrow.  A blackness that…

All That You Know

What you feel inside is knowledge. Your body knows. Your heart knows. Your mind knows. Let all that you know become part of your faith.