Wanting Crystal

…It, this thing, had so much promise such newness. It tasted like wind, like cool water, I felt it land on me like sun rays.

Sweet Sadness

Loving someone is both sacred and vile. Vile because it, the thing we cannot name, becomes something that binds us in light and darkness; surely will grow or change while it creeps into some dark, rusty, abandoned place, through circumstance, non-believing, or some other form of organic drizzling. Like a remnant memory from one of…

Everybody. Deserves. Housing.

…There should be a range of housing choices for people based on room number, neighborhood, pet eligibility, and proximity to public transit, work, schools, and daycares.

Collective Resistance and Freedom: Writing With An Intersectional Voice

As a person of color we often shoulder differing forms of existential violence, due to the pain of living in a white supremacist and racist society. This requires constant negotiations with trauma narratives and these negotiations often promote an environment of silence that is used as a way to avoid and marginalize our pain.

Blackness as Sunrise, Slurps, and Love.

I write about my blackness as a meditative practice.  A means of survival and celebration. To bring the foundational elements of myself, up and out, like water from a lawn sprinkler.  A blackness that disappears if you try to possess it, one that sits on your window sill like a quizzical sparrow.  A blackness that…

Loving Blackness, Holding Global Space

“We begin by holding space for us to heal from the trauma and terror caused by these systems. We begin by holding space for the imagination to conjure up a different world, where we can invest in preventative measures …”

The Pain of Colorism

“Because of the proliferation of capitalism, and a capitalistic system that requires assigning people to jobs based on skin color, this phenomenon had a ripple effect across many societies.”