Wanting Crystal

And I wanted this to be special, like crystals in the chandelier

Something that I could watch as the light swerved around itself twinkling and floating through the air….like music floating from a symphony.

It, this thing, had so much promise such newness. It tasted like wind, like cool water, I felt it land on me like sun rays.

And when I got up real close to really understand it and to welcome it into me, it was just plain old glass.

Sometimes when the heart desires the mind creates a fantastic magical story.
Things that are not real, with all of its imagined promises, will do that to you.

It makes you want the wanting.

We, those who grew up, dreaming the dream, wanting the dream, searching for the pot of gold, wanting to be it, wanting to be something else….made pacts with the thing only to find out that the nickels in our pocket were in fact just wooden nickels.

Like all good performers in the theatre called life, we act as if it is crystal, knowing in the heart of our hearts, the bottom line of our lives, that it is glass.

Just glass. But even glass has a remarkable shine.

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