Silencing Tactics and You

The Bias


Header image: “Silence” by Henry Burrows. CC BY-SAThere are few things in life more fraught than talking about what makes us who we are in public–and even more so if those things are also sources of oppression or marginalization.

Something that often compounds that vulnerability are tactics designed to shame or bully people into silence when they do speak out–even if they are only sharing our lived experience and not calling anyone out.

There are some techniques you can use to maintain your right to speak, but first, let’s talk about what silencing is and is not.

What is silencing?

Silencing is a type of verbal harassment or intimidation intended to distract, minimize, or discourage you from speaking out. The ultimate goal is to control the larger conversation by ensuring that not all voices are heard or are able to speak.

Silencing is not:

  • Moderated…

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