Puerto Ricans are being used as medical guinea pigs… again


Book - 12-10

Throughout the 20th century Puerto Ricans – particularly Puerto Rican women – were used as lab rats in “clinical trials,” with experimental drugs that harmed their health. The contraceptive pill was “tested” and “refined” in Puerto Rico. Over three decades nearly 200,000 women had their fallopian tubes cut, without being told.

Now, in 2016, Puerto Ricans are being used as guinea pigs again…to test a so-called “Zika vaccine.”


Fox News is proudly announcing a clinical trial in Puerto Rico of a “DNA-based” Zika vaccine. The “DNA-based” vaccine is being developed and tested by a company named Inovio.

According to Inovio, “there are no approved vaccines or therapies for Zika virus infection…only Inovio and a US government research center have started human clinical studies.”

These “human” studies involve the experimental gene-altering drug “GLS-5700 administered with Inovio’s CELLECTRA®-3P device.”

Inovio also announced that “in…

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