“We All Have To Work”-Part Two of My TSA Experience at Manchester-Boston NH Airport

It happened again on July 13, 2016.  The same TSA agent, short sandy blond hair with glasses, who I complained about earlier this year, please see this long post, http://wp.me/p3ZIM6-bl2, engaged in the same behavior that I originally complained about.

This time I spoke to the supervisor and another supervisor in plain clothes about this occurrence.

This happened as I started to place my items in the bin.

Agent: Where are you traveling?

Me: Washington DC

Agent: Work or Pleasure.

Me: Work.

Agent: We all have to work.

I will be submitting a complaint again to TSA district manager, Homeland security, and will send a letter to the Chief of Staff of Homeland Security. As long as this harassing behavior occurs, I will continue to complain.



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