Healing Spaces: Building Government Sponsored Meditation Centers

All I feel is sadness, a sadness so deep and searing that even the words of Dr. King now seem shallow and very distant. My heart goes out to the families of Sterlings and Castillo, as well as the families of the Dallas Police.  All tragic, and painful, and confusing, and sad.

Our differences, whether they be around religious/spiritual beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or cultural identities should not be viewed as social and psychological threats to our well being.

We need our legislators to enact stronger gun control, while creating government sponsored wellness centers.

Yes, wellness centers in close proximity to police departments (if not within them).

We currently believe that community policing means that police need to come to us, and alternatively, we should be able to go to them.

Police departments should not be symbols of black pain and rage, or gateways to a larger prison industrial complex.  These buildings need to become ALL of ours, not literally but figuratively.

Spaces of truth, healing and reconciliation, where we can become connected around a common good.

Buildings where our children, both Black, Native, Latinx, Biracial, Asian and White, can identify as mini United Nations.

Healing places.




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