You Are Not Crazy, Taking Care of Yourself When Terrorist Acts Happen

To my readers,

I know that the deaths of both ‪#‎AltonSterling‬ and now ‪#‎PhilandoCastile‬, may have shaken you deeply and know that you are not alone in that pain, anger, and grief.

I also know that many of us are shaken by the deaths of police officers in Dallas.

The police systems continue to fail us, they are not protecting and serving many of us. You are not the cause of these events, although you might feel responsible in some way for not having done enough action.  This feeling is often described as guilt, survivor guilt actually.

When you are oppressed for being GLBT, queer, a person of color, poor, or living in certain communities that are stigmatized, oppressors want you to think that whatever they do to you is deserved.  This is how oppression works. Its overall aim is to control our lives in many ways, through fear, intimidation, threat, and violence.

You are not crazy, unless you really are…and if you were really crazy you probably wouldn’t have the focus to read these words.

The events that happened were crazy and our reaction to them is appropriate. The feelings of craziness, confusion, and anger will dissipate. Take moments of relaxation for yourself, sip tea, jog, call a friend, light a candle, meditate, write your feelings in a journal.  Join with others in protest and keep talking about this and your feelings.

I know how sad, and angering and frustrating this is….but keep up with your routines as best you can. You are not alone, and we will get through this by holding each other, as we always do in joy, sadness, and in our rage. We have each other. And if this becomes unbearable to you, please contact a mental health line, go to a therapist, call your EAP, and talk to a spiritual leader

Please feel free to share this with whoever may need comfort, care, and compassion

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