Reject Violence As A Way Of Being Human

If we do nothing else today, pray for loving peace.
Pray that our hearts will open wider and support girls and women in our lives with deep gratitude and purpose.
Pray that our hearts will continue to beat, and with every beat claim the knowledge that comes with a beating heart. To know, that we have the ability to love, to heal, to bring forth truth and justice. That in the light of love, perhaps, we can remember how deeply we are all connected.
To stand with those who fight for justice, in ways that we may want to but can’t, or those who seem to be yelling at us, or others who seem to fight for social justice in mysterious ways that we may not comprehend, who all share the same goal–they are asking us to listen to pain with compassion and to engage in a form of listening that abides with their spirit.
To fight patriarchy with vigor and resolve, and with the power that comes with all resolutions that denounce premeditated and actual violence against girls and women to stop.
To do more to denounce violence, and to break its connection to racism, sexism, transgender fears, and promoting war. To translate the power of our prayers so that they can go beyond denouncing and move into active ways of doing and learning, educational spaces that teach our boys and men on how to live lives that reflect the highest forms of being human, and not to defend rape and war as solutions to solving any problem.
If we can do nothing else, but cry in silence and bow our heads in tears, then so be it. No one of us should be left behind a dumpster, or jailed because we were trying to prevent an unjust detainment.
At least we know that if we can cry then our hearts and minds are doing no harm, are hands and legs are still, we can provide time and space to claim our humanness. I pray that you and I, that we can bask in the awareness of what it means to be a part of the human race while we reject all forms of violence as a way of being.

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