Your Soul Is Plentiful

Our soul is a magnificent force connected to the universe and it replenishes.  Now, don’t get me wrong the soul has a spirit that can get really tired but that is not the soul.  The soul is that loving presence, some refer to it as a higher power, and others call it divine and holy, and others call it the earth.  However you call it or name it, this force is real and present.

The sadness or tilting spirit that we carry within us is part of the soul.  It is as much a part of it as love, hope, faith, and trust.  The sadness is not really a sadness it is more like a longing, a wanting, a quiet hunger.

I have found my soul through quiet moments, in laughter, in breaking bread with another, in sipping tea, or hearing from a friend who calls me out of the blue. The soul is present even when we are not listening to it or for it.

I want you to know that whatever aches your heart, whatever loneliness you might feel, or whatever fog or confusion that seems to linger, your soul can heal it.

Your soul is plentiful, and therefore, it will replenish.

Your soul is plentiful.

Repeat after me, “My soul is plentiful.”



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chris Amedy says:

    Wonderful post!


    1. brianlragsdale says:

      Thanks Chris


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