We need the love of our people.

An African American man, who is cis gendered straight, and who supports gay folks brings those of us who are black and gay (GLBTQA) much needed support to be cared for and loved by our brothers and sisters for who we are.

Across my lifespan, I have been admonished, chastised, and stuck in fearful conversations about how my sexual orientation –and how i love who i love –means that i am abandoning black revolutionary ideas or abandoning Black women or children.

i/We have a right to our bodies and therefore our sexual orientation, but moreover our souls.

The suggestion that my body and mind belongs to a restrictive, confining, and shaming form of black revolution comes eerily close to my body and mind being owned by a white supremacist patriarchal capitalist.

Freedom will always mean freedom, not some ideologically shaped and fenced in form of restricted freedoms….and I don’t force feed my religious views on anyone and don’t expect to be force fed by anyone else.

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