And what you want from me…

What you want from me, can not be given.

because what you want is a space where the unchecked white supremacy needs to live.

an undefined, un-articulated space that claims it right to be,

through asserting its crab like legs up from the sand, arching its crustacean back.

as it moves toward the freedom of my ocean.

the ocean of my blackness.


So, no. There is a space here but it is groundless and ephemeral.

it exists as a peaceful space for my blackness.

a space to lounge, to run wildly through the world

carefree, free from carceral things-

like brutality, constant interrogation about its right, ideological imprisonment

by right i mean the right of my blackness to be.

my blackness shall be un-contoured by the silhouette, the shadows, the sloppiness, the inanity, the insanity, the illogicalness of white supremacy and its need to be that is expressed in its yearning.

there is a space.

this space is not yours.

–brian l. ragsdale, phd–12/29/2015

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