How To Read The Drip-Drip Method

Thank you for reading my TV series, Drip-Drip method.

Here is a helpful hint on how you might want to read them, if you like.

On the right hand navigation panel look for “The Drip Drip Method”, and then in the drop down menu, search for “The Drip Drip Method, and all of the series/essays will come up.  You can start reading the first episode by scrolling all the way down and read Episode 1, and then back up to read the later ones.

I make each of the series short (between 500-700 words), so you can read them on your mobile phone, while you are waiting at the doctor’s offices, waiting in your car before picking up a friend, or just sipping your drink during your lunch hour.  Bite sized forms of entertainment.

The Drip-Drip Method is a period piece, starting circa 1859. The story follows the life events of strong African American women who were enslaved.  This show will examine this dreadful chaotic moment in history from the resistance and triumphant point of view of Blacks.  How did they survive?  What were their resistance strategies?  How did they organize themselves behind closed doors? 

Although written in blog format, these brief episodes are the formative writing sketches for a one day TV series or feature film.  Thus after each title you will notice, S1 = season one, and E1 = episode one,  S1/E1.

Come back each week (approximately) for a new episode.  And please let me know what you like and don’t like about the series, as you would if this was one of your favorite TV shows.  Your comments will be helpful when I develop the final screenplay.  

Thanks for reading/watching.

With lots of gratitude,


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