The Drip Drip Method: Sobbing Like There Is No Tomorrow S1/E7

Previously on Episode 6:  The group got all of Tim’s money and kept it at ReeRee’s house in a tin cup. ReeRee learns that she and Sethaline are bloodsisters, and that she is half white.  Lauren fixates on the new hired hand Melvin, who replaced Tim. 

ReeRee swooned her head up and down on the table while the women huddled around her as she wept, moaned, real deep, shoulder twitching, nose running, head throbbing, eyes blurry, ears ringing, legs aching, stomach heaving up and down like a row boat on a stormy sea, sobbing wet and soggy salty tears. “My mama is Miss. Wilson. The meanest women on earth.  Sethaline and I are sisters.  How can this be?  How can this be? How can this be?”

Cedric’s mom, pushed the pie away from her bobbing long grey hair, “Hush sweet darling, hush.”

“I just can’t believe that Miss Wilson is my mother.  I have a white mother.”

Sarah said, “I do too, but never met her,” pulling the quilt around ReeRee’s shoulder.

“We all mixed up, all of us is mixed one way or the other is how I see it.” Velvet added with an academic and resolute voice.

“Can you put more wood in the stove Lauren?” Cedric’s mom almost barked.

“Sethaline has been ranting about this all week.  Mister told her to calm down and shut up about it.  They had a real big fight yesterday evening.” Velvet shared.

ReeRee peeked up from the down position eager to hear the rest. “I’m alright yall, just in shock that is all.” She tried to shrug it off. She wiped her face smoothing the tears across her cheeks.

“Can I use this wood here, Ree.” Lauren asked as she saw some scattered wood in the corner of the room.

“Yeah.” ReeRee answered.

“Well the boys had to hold the father back, he started slapping Sethaline, front hand then back hand and one of the boys wrestled Mister to the floor. Sethaline was just a swinging back, closed fist and all, and she picked up a vase and smashed it over Mister’s head.  Bam.  Pieces scattered all across the bedroom floor, I’m still trying to clean up all the pieces.

“Peter said that, that new guy…what is his name again” Bird asked.

Lauren lifts up from placing the wood in the stove, “Melvin”

“Melvin” Cedric’s mom said in unison.

“Yeah right ,  Melvin. He was just lifting Miss Melanie into her carriage when the rumble started according to Peter.”

“Yeah, Melvin came in and Sethaline calmed down immediately, of course she was sobbing as he grabbed her off of him, and she kept stroking his arms as he led her out of the room.  Mister called her all kind of names and then yelled. “And you wonder why I spend so much time with Melanie…well now you know.  Now you know.”

ReeRee said, “I dont see what Melanie has anything to do with it.”

“Well” Velvet hesitated, because she thought that everyone knew about Melanie and Mister…she twisted her face quizzically at ReeRee.

Lauren chimed in trying to win points with everybody. “The day I first got here it was plain as day that the two of them were sleeping together.”

“Just stoke the fire, Lauren.  Just stoke the fire.” Sarah said sarcastically sucking her teeth.  ReeRee just moved around the room slow like, like she was in a fugue state, and then asked everyone if they could adjourn for the day and meet next week.

Post Date: December 19, 2014

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