The Drip Drip Method: You Got Two Choices S1/E5

Previously on Episode 4: Velvet shared with the group that Tim has sexually assaulted her. Lauren joined the group but not everyone liked her.  Tim attacks Bird’s son, Peter.

S1/Episode 5: You Got Two Choices

ReeRee was the first person to jump on Tim’s back as he tried hard to straddle me, using his knees to pin me down.  I was swinging for my life, arms failing like the legs of a wild goose as Tim shouted at me “Settle down”.  My mother was next after ReeRee swung her full body across his back, while my mother grabbed his leg, knocking him off of me.  Meanwhile, Lauren grabbed his arm.  Velvet stuffed an old dirty rag in his mouth, and Sarah grabbed the final leg.

In a moment he was off of me and subdued by all of the women.  He was sweating hard, twisting around trying to get away but the woman had overpowered him.

“This is the last time you bring harm to any of us.”. ReeRee commanded as her small body kneeled onto his chest. Tim mumbled something but it was inaudible. ReeRee drew her pistol from underneath her long brown woolen skirt and pistol whipped him.  Blood and spit flew out of his mouth like cranberry jelly. “Go in the house and get me that rope, Peter.”.

“Be quiet, Velvet said, kicking him in the gut. He further coughed, and by now had stopped struggling dazed from the pistol whipping and shocked how fast the women had apprehended him.

“This is how this is going to work.  You have two choices Tim, meet your maker today or leave from this place and never return.”  Tim’s eyes screeched in horror.  He slowly nodded his head.  Sarah and Cedric’s mom began tying him up in the robe. I wrapped the potato sack around his chest. Tim started mumbling something and ReeRee slowly took out the rag from his mouth.

“I have a tin can full of money for yall to have.  Can I please get some of it, and I will be on my way.” Tim said with blood drooling from his swollen face.

“Where is the can at? Velvet asked.

“In the last stall underneath the gate plate. An old red rusty tin buried about one foot down.”

Go get it, Ree Ree commanded Lauren and Cedric’s mom. The two women left.

“How much is in there? Velvet asked.


“We will give you 50 and then you be on your way” ReeRee told Tim…”And just so you know we are dead serious.  I am going to shoot you in the leg now, so bite down on this stick, cause it’s going to hurt mighty bad.”

Post Date: November 19

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