The Drip Drip Method: His Breath Stank S1/E4

Previously on Episode 3: Cedric mentions new Indians at the Unity Farm.. Sethaline told the group her husband was having an affair with her sister and felt betrayed by the group.  Sethaline threatens to sick Tim onto the group.

S1/Episode 4: His Breath Stank

“His breath stank,” Velvet started sharing with the group, grimacing as she recounted the tale.  The event she was describing was a twisted prelude to the impending brutal rape of her by Tim.  “I was there in the bushes pulling the cotton from its crown.  Tim hops off of Bacon and then comes up to me, stares at me with those devil eyes.”

“Oh no.” My mother gasped.

Lauren bowed her head low to listen intently.  ReeRee sliced a piece of the pie.  Cedric mom continued her knitting.  Sarah breaks in, “Please pass me the pie.” (The camera now goes outdoors, right outside of the cabin and traces the unknown boot and footsteps of a man approaching the cabin.  It is Tim who is sneaking up on the women to listen to what they are saying).

Go on, Velvet…continue.” ReeRee said, getting up from the table and lighting another candle and placing it on the mantel.  My mother was over by the stove, stoking it and placing more wood underneath it in order to keep the boiling water hot for tea.  My eyes grew tired having to peek through the small wooden slits of space between the wooden cabin walls.

“ He got real close. Took my chin and raised it with his bourbon smelling fingers. I am going to have a real good time with you. Then he kissed my cheek and licked my ear.” Velvet said.

“That is when Bigfoot, threw a rock at Bacon scaring the horse and Tim got all flustered and ran after him.” My mother chimed in.

“So glad you are safe.” Lauren offered.  Sarah rolled her eyes.

“Never a day that don’t go by” Cedric’s mom offered as a global statement. “I hate everything about this place, everything.”

“Do you think Sethaline had anything to do with it.” ReeRee asked.

“More than likely.” Velvet responded with a sad and drawn expression. “She has been after me since I was 14.  I had no say over who finds me attractive….and unfortunately it seems that every ivory man does.  The women look at Velvet with compassion.

“Who is Sethaline?” Lauren asked.

“I know you are just visiting the group and we welcome you here Lauren, but we don’t discuss the Ivories in depth here.  Sorry you will have to listen and learn.”  Cedric’ mom almost snapped at the long haired indian.

“Oh, ok. Lauren answered. “Just trying to follow along.  Appreciate that.”

“I don’t like you Lauren”” Sarah interrupted staring at her.

At that moment, Tim yanked me up from my crouched position of me looking in between the wood slats. “You little spying bastard” he said wailing on me, slapping me and knocking me against the wall.

Post Date: November 15


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