The Drip-Drip Method: Palms Facing Up S1/E3

Previously on The Drip-Drip Method: Sethaline threatens to shut the group down.  She also presents a threat to sick Tim on one of the group members. The group also struggles with the possibility of a mysterious new visitor.

S1/Episode 3-Palms Facing Up:

“Ok,” Sethaline continued tucking her long straggly hair behind her left ear, “I came here today to let you all know that HE has been sleeping with my sister. …And I never knew about it, and I don’t want yall to hate him”…In between her opening, Cedric’s mom mentioned to Sarah that her cousin over at the Unity Farm told her there were several injun women who arrived for the fields.

Several of the women begin to twist their faces, trying to hold back their laughter. ReeRee glanced sternly with open eyes at Velvet and Bird- the main ones having a hard time containing themselves.

“Yes, some of us knew” ReeRee shot the dagger to Sethaline’s heart.

Sethaline stared for a moment in disbelief, first in shock and then she went off.

“Yall knew and didn’t tell me. Fucking stank ass bitches…that is what you all are.  My husband is cheating on me with my sister and not one of you comes and tells me a damn thing.  I trusted you.  I will tell you all this, if I find out another secret that this group knows and doesn’t tell me this group will be no more.  I won’t be able to protect you from the men.  Sethaline says this protection line while staring directly at Velvet. “ Do you hear me. Do you hear me”. Then breaking down in near sobs, “Do you hear me”, she said in tears and then holding onto the corn cob and holding it into the air.

ReeRee moves closely to Sethaline and gently retrieves the corn cob from her raised hand. She stares at her with compassion and calculating what she was going to say next.

“We knew Miss Sethaline but we all was told by both of them that if we spilled a word of this to you, they would set Tim upon us.  We couldn’t tell you.  That is the truth.  We had to balance your broken heart without having complete chaos …and destruction.  Believe us Miss Sethaline.  Believe us.”

All of the women slowly stood up, in support of what ReeRee said.  They rose from where they were seated, stretched out their arms toward Sethaline and opened their hands with their palms facing upward.  In quiet voices, they began using another drip drip method, the kind form, and started to hum, “Om.”  Sethaline’s anger and hurt began to melt away.

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