The Drip-Drip Method-Sethaline’s confession S1/E2

Previously on Episode 1 of The Drip-Drip Method.  Early Fall, 1859.  Velvet reported that Tim keeps spitting on the children. Tim slapped Sarah’s daughter which outraged the group. The group used Drip Drip method, classic form, to correct Tim’s behavior.  Tim bought Sarah’s daughter, Rhonda brand new shoes.  The committee never got to the issue of Sethaline.

Sethaline’s Confession, Episode 2

Rhonda danced around the small kitchen, as her new shoes click clacked loudly on the floor.  She was full with rock star joyful glee.

“Thank you, Ma.” She said as she hugged her mother, Sarah looking down at her shoes.  “Thank you, Miss ReeRee, Miss Velvet, Miss Cedric’s mom, Miss Bird.  The women smiled back and nodded with pride that their drip drip method had worked.

“Run along now child, we are about to start our meeting. “ Rhonda leaves skipping out of the doorway.

“This meeting is now called to order,” ReeRee said as she tapped the beaten corn cob firmly on the wooden table.

“We come to order.”  “Who has any new business?”

“I do,” said Cedric’s mom as she maneuvered her breasts into place, “Miss Sethaline informed me that she wanted to come to our group this morning.”

“What?” my mother Bird replied. The other women looked around the room with mistrust and suspicion.  One by one they all looked at ReeRee for her opinion on the subject matter.  Ivories were not allowed in these meetings.

ReeRee looked around the room, took a deep breath and processed the request in her mind. “I approve of it.  We have to listen to what she has to say, but I will make it known to her that this is a closed group.  Not sure how I am going to do it…but watch and then see.”

Cedric mom responded, “I will go and let her know. “

“Agreed” the women said in unison. “Pass the pie, please” my mother said cutting her third slice. “You put your foot in it Velvet.”  Velvet returned the compliment with a proud and grateful smile.

“Thank you for seeing me.  Well…um,” Sethaline began as she sat at the head of the table, extremely nervous from the solemn quietness and stares of the women.  “Um, I know that ya’ll meet regularly and just wanted to come to lend my support.”

The women stared back with disbelief but with respect because of her unearned position. Sethaline in their mind was a pawn in a dangerous game of survival, psychological warfare, and gathering information. Certainly she didn’t come to just thank them.

Next week’s episode, Wednesday Nov., 5th: Sethaline threatens to shut the group down.  She also presents a threat to sick Tim on one of the group members. The group also struggles with the possibility of a mysterious new visitor.

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