If You Dream It…

I don’t make New Year resolutions, not any more. So I spend a fair amount of my time dreaming.

I dream of happiness for my friends.

I dream that people all over the world have clear moments of peace.

I dream that the person who feels they are unloved, will feel real love.

I also dream the other kinds of dreams, like redecorating my living room or taking my sweetie on a wild adventurous vacation.

Fill in this blank….if you dream it…?

Dream JPEG

Answer number 1: …you can do it.
Answer number 2: …you can build it.
Answer number 3: …you might fail.

See you have a 2 out of 3 chance of making your dreams come true.

We start with a dream and then tailor it to our current reality.

Good luck on building your dream….and if nothing ever comes of the dream, isn’t the feeling you can get from it, worth it.

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