Off to Australia To A Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Conference

Putting the finishing touches on my presentation, see you all when I get back.

Abstract: Employing critical race theory, this paper examines the cultural symbolism connected to why white passengers on the bus during the social disobedience of Rosa Parks are often depicted as anonymous and intimated as innocent silent actors. This paper argues that narratives of white anonymity are readily accepted because underlying the conceptual framework of the narrative is the implicit belief in white superiority. Whiteness in addition to being treated as a form of social currency also has an organic and lived quality as illustrated by its historical persistence. From a psychoanalytical perspective the anonymous white narrative works because we subconsciously believe in the merit of white supremacy, as a non-investigable force, one that should not be questioned when perceived, and that it is permissible to serve as the backdrop for understanding African american resistance and insurgency.

Australian Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Association

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