Someone To Watch Over Me

My older brother Keith died of AIDS in 1989.  He was two years older than me. He was addicted to drugs, heroin I think.

The images of him slowly passing away as his body shriveled is still in here.

All of us were too confused to really do anything.

Not sure why I rarely speak of him anymore…but I don’t. Is it too busy living or is it too busy running away from all of it?

I miss him.

I baked him a chocolate cake on his last 30th birthday. This was about 10 days before he died.

Sometimes when I see snow I think of him, because on the day before he passed he asked the nurse at the hospice if he could be wheeled out in his bed to see the snow.

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  1. Karen says:

    Brian, the real part of your brother is his soul, which is indestructible.


    1. brianlragsdale says:

      Karen, Thank you…this is so true, or I should say this rings true for me too


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