Sacred Spaces or the 10% that Lives in All of Us.

As we so often do, my partner/husband/keeper of my soul talk about sensitive things.  This morning our conversation turned to complex, interior types of emotional issues. I won’t go into the detail about what we talked about, because intimate things shared in the bed with one’s significant other should be honored as a sacred space.

Sacred spaces exist within ourselves and between us.

There are lots of interior, emotional spaces that all of us have within us.  Psychologists talk about these spaces in a number of ways; transference and countertransference, projections, inner thoughts and feelings, and levels of consciousness.  In actuality, these spaces govern lots of things in our lives.  Unfortunately, we seek out ways to minimize the voices in these spaces, and engage in distractions; gossip, drinking, watching TV, and internet surfing.

As a psychotherapist I learned how to open myself to listening to the interior worlds of others.  I am not sure if I listened well all of the time, but many of my clients healed and met their life goals.  I live with the hope that something helpful and good occurred.

I think of these interior feelings as the 10% of what is going on inside. After a client revealed something that suggested an interior dialogue or intimated something that was a sensitive matter.  I would repeat what I heard from the client in a reflective way.  Following this I would then invite them to correct me if I heard them wrong or wasn’t getting what was being said.  I wanted to learn as much as I could about the 10% that they normally don’t give voice to, or the complex things they might have been feeling that were harder to put into words.

These are the sacred spaces of our lives.  The quiet wanderings, the inklings in our mind and heart, the memories that seems to drift in and out as we bring forth our words.  Within these moments are spaces that if we begin to listen to, can lead us to our higher consciousness.

We can learn more from our submerged or perhaps hidden thoughts and feelings, only if we recognize them and allow them to be heard.

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